How can I find information about leasing land?

How can I find information about leasing land?
I'd like to know more information about leasing BLM land for gov funded solar programs.


Thank you for your question.

A general overview of competitive leasing of BLM land for solar energy projects is on the BLM web site at

The regulations that describe the processes, terms, and conditions for obtaining BLM renewable energy grants and leases can be found in Title 43 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 2800:

(Information on solar energy leases is in Subpart 2806.)

Subpart 2809 describes the Competitive Process for Leasing Public Lands for Solar and Wind Energy Development Inside Designated Leasing Areas:

Subsection 2809.11 describes BLM's process for soliciting nominations, which involve placing announcements in the Federal Register:

You can search the Federal Register for announcement of opportunities for leasing land at

Enter a search in the Find box using terms such as "bureau of land management" "solar"  "public land" or "bureau of land management" "solar"  "competitive offer"

The default results list is by relevance, but you can click on the "Newest" tab to see the most recent offers at the top.

Most of the forms you need should be available at the BLM Forms page at

These announcements include contact information, but if you have more general questions about the process, the BLM contact page is at


I hope this information is helpful. If this is not what you need, or if there is any other assistance we can provide, please let us know.


Bobby Griffith
Lead Government Information Reference Associate
Sycamore Library
University of North Texas Libraries


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