Q. How do I get a fair hearing @ RRB disability?

How do I get a fair hearing @ RRB disability?
I started drawing disability from RRB (divorced spouse) Nov.2019. I started drawing disability from SSA in Feb. 2020, RRB rep told me to apply for SSD when I applied at RRB so I did as he said. SSA said my claim would be sent to Chicago due to me having already filed RRB disability. I did everything and sent in everything they both told me to do. It was very aggravating to try to reach either rep. If I ask questions to anyone mainly whoever answered phone because messages left and emails I sent never answered. Nov 2020 I rec'd 2 Medicare cards, I didn't know why and didn't want 148.50 taken from both checks, I called SSA asked them, put me on hold came back to phone and said I was to use the RRB card that it was their jurisdiction so I called them, when I told the random lady that answered phone I had 2 Medicare cards and the SSA said I was to use RRB card, was that correct? She asked me was I drawing 2 cks, and I said yes, she got all tore up, said I wasn't suppose to draw 2 cks, she had to email chicago right then to tell them, I said yes I am SSA said I was to rec. both checks and I reported it to RRB. She still was all excited and just said nothing about Medicare card, said I would be hearing from the railroad, I was NOT to have 2 cks and hung up, Now I have recd. letter from RRB saying I was back paid 14,000.00. The situation has turned into a mess. They want full pymt now or take my full ck. till 2025,pd in full. or 289.00 a mo. till pd in full or 122.00 for the duration of drawing my ck. I said I want hearing, their has been so many conflict of interest on RRB's part, this is not a fair hearing.I can't reach anyone except field office workers


Thank you for your question.

Instructions and necessary forms for filing an initial appeal with the Railroad Retirement Board are available on their website at https://www.rrb.gov/Resources/Appeals

Answers to frequently asked questions about the appeals process, including questions about procedures, time limits for filing, options for appealing beyond the RRA, and options for obtaining help with the appeals process, are available at https://rrb.gov/NewsRoom/NewsReleases/RRBAppealsProcedures 

If dissatisfied with the reconsideration or waiver decision on a retirement, disability, survivor, unemployment, or sickness claim, you may appeal to the RRB’s Bureau of Hearings and Appeals, which is independent of those units responsible for initial and reconsideration decisions. This is done by filing RRB Form HA-1, available online at https://rrb.gov/sites/default/files/2017-06/HA1%5B1%5D_0.pdf

Instructions for filing the Form HA-1 are available at https://www.rrb.gov/Resources/Appeals/AppealsProcess  

If you have further questions or concerns about matters related to the Railroad Retirement Board, their contact information for general matters as well as specific issues is listed at https://rrb.gov/ContactUs

I hope this information is helpful. If this is not what you need, or if you should require any further assistance, please let us know.

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